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Family office Orion Wealth changes its name to Taurus Wealth

Family office Orion Wealth changes its name to Taurus Wealth

From now on the family office Orion Wealth will be called Taurus Wealth. The decision to change the current Orion Wealth name was made together with the shareholders of investment company Orion Securities last year. Changing similar names was agreed in order to and differentiate the brands, linking them to the services provided and the persons managing them. The shareholders of “Taurus Wealth” are Mindaugas Strėlis, Alius Jakubėlis and Marius Jakulis Jason.

The family office Orion Wealth has been providing wealth management services since 2019 and received a category C financial brokerage company license last year after the Bank of Lithuania confirmed it.

Mindaugas Strėlis | Taurus Wealth CEO

The CEO of Taurus Wealth Mindaugas Strėlis, says that they decided on the new name together with the chairman of the board, Marius Jakulis Jason. The word “Taurus“ (Lithuanian word meaning “noble”) represents our core value as a wealth manager and investment company – sustainable and socially responsible investments, or as we now call them within the team, “noble investments”. An important direction of the company’s investment, which not only generates attractive returns for investors, but also a high level of responsibility, is investing in the creation and improvement of education infrastructure in Lithuania. This direction includes private schools, modern student houses, and higher education institutions.”

“Taurus is one of the most respected animals in Lithuania. They were usually only allowed to be hunted by noble people. In our country it has become a symbol of strength, honour and nobility. When we refined our company’s operational values, it was the Taurus symbol that represented most of them for us. A balance between strength and dignity is always important when managing large investment projects. It’s nice when we can reveal this to the society with the projects we have implemented.”

Marius Jakulis Jason | The chairman of the board at Taurus Wealth, investor, businessman and philanthropist

Chairman of the Board, philanthropist and investor Marius Jakulis Jason tells that: “Orion Wealth was established as a single family office. After working for a long time with Mindaugas and his team, reorganizing the structure of my family’s wealth, succession plan, establishing the philanthropic MJJ fund, we realized that we can apply the accumulated experience in implementing various investment projects on a wider scale. In 2019 when I decided to leave most of my wealth to a philanthropic foundation that provides financial support to talented business people, academics and students, I received a lot of attention. I often share my example with businessmen and I believe that the more people contribute to the development of Lithuania’s prosperity, the more economically stronger we will live in the country. And I’m not just talking about philanthropic activities here, together with the Taurus Wealth team we develop projects that not only benefit society, but also generate the desired return for investors.” – says Marius Jakulis Jason.

Multi-family office Taurus Wealth provides succession planning, asset and investment project management, capital raising, philanthropic project development and implementation services to high net worth individuals.

“We are also partners of global leading wealth managers Lombard International Assurance and have the exclusive right to provide investors with life insurance and investment management services in Lithuania. Lombard International Assurance is the largest wealth planning group in the world, providing services to high net worth individuals, their families and companies. This partnership opens up new opportunities for Lithuanian investors in managing their wealth and its transfer to future generations. Our goal is to discover investment opportunities and turn investors’ ideas into tangible results and projects,” says Taurus Wealth CEO M. Strėlis.



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