“SHED Co-living” – the modern student co-living space in Vilnius

“SHED Co-living” – the modern student co-living space in Vilnius

In September 2022, the new co-living space for students “Shed Co-living” started operating in Vilnius, Santariškės area. The project was initiated by “Orion Wealth” and implemented by the investment company “I Asset Management” fund.

This modern student house has 200 single and double rooms and can accommodate 250 people at a time. The rooms are furnished with all the necessary custom-made furniture, they have kitchens and bathrooms. A great deal of attention has been paid to the exclusive interior, especially in the setting up of common use spaces, work and recreation areas, that are extremely important for a young resident. The underground floor has the free gym, the laundry room and the storage room. Living quarters and common areas are separated for the comfort of the residents. In the courtyard of the building there is another terrace, where there is also an amphitheatre for events.

Our role in this project

“Orion Wealth” team has been actively working on the development of the original idea of creating a project in private student housing industry. At the initial stage, together with one of the project’s investors and initiators Marius Jakulis Jason, it was decided to establish a private capital fund that would invest in modern student housing development projects in the Baltic and CRE regions.

6,130 sq.m. m
Total area of the co-living
7.5 mln. Eur
External capital raised
15-18 % IRR
Targeted return on investment

This is how the “IAM Student Housing Fund” managed by the management company “I Asset Management” was established. The target size of the fund is EUR 155,000,000. Currently student houses are already operating in Kaunas, Vilnius and Riga, and a new co-living space is being built in Krakow.

“More than 1.2 million students are currently studying in the main academic centers of the region. Sbout 130,000 of those students are from abroad. We hope that by creating such a unique portfolio of co-living accommodations will interest strategic investors who are currently actively investing in similar projects across Western Europe and the United Kingdom,” – says fund partner Matas Mockeliūnas.

The development of student houses corresponds to Orion Wealth’s strategic decision to work with investment projects related to the development of educational infrastructure in Lithuania and abroad. This project is attractive to investors both because of target returns and because of the socially responsible aspect of the project, its contribution to the creation of public welfare.

“SHED Co-living” Vilnius interior

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