SHED Living – a modern student housing in Krakow

SHED Living – a modern student housing in Krakow

From the 25th of September 2023 the co-living project “SHED Living” began operating at full capacity in the Polish city of Krakow. The total value of the project is more than 33 million Eur.

This is already the third and currently the largest student housing of the “SHED” portfolio : the first – 240-room project – was opened in Riga, and the second – a 200-room “Shed co-living” in Vilnius.

“Shed Living” Krakow is located in the centre of the city at 51a Aleja 3 Maja. The total area of the property is 18,000 square meters. There are 566 double and single rooms in the “SHED” student house. As many as 722 residents can live in these student houses at one time. Here, students can enjoy not only the on-site gym, but also a cinema. The rooms in these student houses are furnished with all the necessary, custom-made furniture, they have kitchens and bathrooms.

Our role in this project

The “Taurus Wealth” team has been actively working on the development of the original idea of private student housing. At the initial stage, together with one of the project’s investors and initiators Marius Jakulis Jason, it was decided to establish a private capital fund that would invest in modern student housing development projects in the Baltic, CRE and CEE regions.

18 000 sq.m. m
Total area of the co-living
33+ mln. Eur
Project value

This is how the “IAM Student Housing Fund” managed by the management company “I Asset Management” was established. The target size of the fund is EUR 155,000,000. Currently student houses are already operating in Kaunas, Vilnius, Riga and Krakow, and a new dproperty is being built in the capital of Poland, Warsaw.

“Krakow was chosen as a strategic city for the first investment in Poland due to its large student population and concentration of excellent universities. The Krakow SHED project is located in a strategic location in the city, close to the city’s main universities, parks and other attractions, so we have a truly unique advantage in many aspects,” says Matas Mockeliūnas, partner of the “European Student Housing Fund”.

The development of student houses is in line with Taurus Wealth’s dedication to investment in the development of educational infrastructure in Lithuania and beyond. This project is attractive to investors both because of the generated returns and because of the socially responsible aspect of the project.

“SHED Living” Krakow

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