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“Erudito“ Lyceum – a private school in the center of Vilnius

“Erudito“ Lyceum – a private school in the center of Vilnius

“Erudito“ Lyceum – a private school in the center of Vilnius

In 2022 September 1st the new private school “Erudito“ Lyceum opened its doors in Vilnius, Aguonų st. 26. As much as 7,105 sq. m. were turned into a school that set‘s a new standard in education system in Lithuania. “Erudito” Lyceum applies exceptional and globally recognized and valued Cambridge and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs.

Since the beginning of the school year, about 500 students have been studying in the newly equipped premises. iIn 2023 September 1 after the implementation of the second stage of this project, it is planned that this number will increase to almost a thousand students. The founders of the school pay a lot of attention not only to learning methods and ensuring the quality of education, but also to advanced technical solutions: from smart boards and tablets to interactive floors and 3D printers.

You can read more about the new “Erudito” Lyceum here.

Our role in this project

“Orion Wealth” team took care of the project’s financing, structure and implementation issues.

17,9 MEur
Project value
7 MEur
Capital raised
12-15 % IRR
Target returns

The project manager Karolis Ražukas, says that despite the tight deadlines and the challenges that arose during the construction, the project was properly managed and together with the partners, the desired result was achieved.

“With this project, we aim not only to provide attractive opportunities for investors, but also to contribute to the improvement of the Lithuanian education system and the development of the necessary infrastructure. Gladly, this is also important for investors, who are increasingly choosing socially responsible investments. We believe that by combining our experience, knowledge and desire to contribute to changes, we can create not only financial benefits, but also social welfare for the community where we live and work,” says K. Ražukas.

Active investment in the development of educational infrastructure

This project is the implementation of our socially responsible investment approach – we actively invest in the creation and improvement of education infrastructure in Lithuania and actively look for attractive projects for investors.

Kotryna Stankutė-Jaščemskienė, Head of philanthropy and education at “Orion Wealth”, says that: “Educational projects are one of the company’s most important areas of investment. We are actively looking for new projects both in Lithuania and abroad. The field of education is interesting for investors not only because of the attractive returns, but also because of the socially responsible aspect of the projects – contributing to the creation of the general well-being of society.”

In addition to the direction of schools and kindergartens, we also initiated the project of private student housing and the establishment of the “IAM Student Housing Fund” managed by “1 Asset Management”. The purpose of this fund is investment in modern co-living type student housing in the Baltic countries and CRE, and the target size of the fund is EUR 155,000,000. Currently, student houses are already operating in Kaunas, Vilnius and Riga, and a new location is under construction in Warsaw.

Interior of “Erudito” Lyceum

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