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“Orion Wealth” receives C financial brokerage company license

“Orion Wealth” receives C financial brokerage company license

November 8 The Financial Market Supervisory Committee of the Bank of Lithuania has approved granting the independent multi-family office “Orion Wealth” a category C financial brokerage company license.

“Applying to the Bank of Lithuania to obtain this license was a natural step in order to provide the highest level of wealth management services. This license will allow to offer investors a wider range of financial services. The needs of our high net worth clients are extremely broad and we need to ensure that we take full advantage of diversification opportunities, which require a broad set of investment management tools. The granted license enables us to be much more flexible in our actions and in providing investment recommendations. It will also give clients additional confidence in the team and the services it provides and will strengthen the company’s uniqueness.” – assures Mindaugas Strėlis, manager of “Orion Wealth”.

The Chairman of the Board of “Orion Wealth”, Marius Jakulis Jason, states that: “By nurturing and creating the future and prosperity of Lithuania, we are creating an institution of the highest quality. Taking into account the financially growing and strengthening society, we will pay more attention to philanthropy, projects that create change and preservation of wealth for future generations. Both philanthropy and correct succession planning greatly contribute to the development of the Lithuanian economy.”

“Orion Wealth”, a multi-family office, provides succession planning, wealth and investment project management, capital raising, philanthropic project development and implementation services to high net worth individuals. “Our goal is to turn investors’ ideas into tangible results and projects that can be passed on from generation to generation. We are able to discover investment opportunities that not only ensure returns for investors, but at the same time have a positive impact on the well-being of society.” – says M. Strėlis, head of “Orion Wealth”.

In the process of obtaining a category C license, “Orion Wealth” was advised by the law firm “TGS Baltic“.

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