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Philanthropic MJJ Foundation

Philanthropic MJJ Foundation

After businessman, investor and philanthropist Marius Jakulis Jason publicly announced that 70% of his family’s wealth will be left to a charity fund. In 2019 the “Marius Jakulis Jason Foundation” was established, which provides financial support to talented business developers, academics and students who can and want to contribute to the growth of the Lithuanian economy.

Fund funds are allocated to three directions: business, knowledge and science. During four years of operation, the philanthropic foundation has already provided grants, scholarships and investments worth almost 1.8 million EUR. The biggest part of them – 860K EUR – were grated as salaries of Lithuanian and foreign scientists returning from abroad. An objective is to encourage the most talented scientists to build their scientific careers in Lithuania. Part of this amount was allocated to fifteen Ukrainian scientists who fled the war zone in 2022. In total, forty researchers received grants from the foundation over the course of four years.

You can read more about the philanthropic “MJJ Foundation” here.

Our role in this project

“Orion Wealth” team collaborated with Marius Jakulis Jason from the very beginning of an idea to set up a foundation throughout the whole process of its implementation. Ensuring the sustainability of the MJJ Fund is also entrusted to “Orion Wealth” and the invested capital of the fund is growing.

1,8 MEUR
Allocated for grants and investments over the last 4 years
70 %
An amount of family's wealth to be left to the foundation

The head of Orion Wealth, Mindaugas Strėlis actively contributes to the management of the fund while serving as a member of the board here.

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