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The new and modern “Erudito Lyceum” school will open its doors on the 1st of September

The new and modern “Erudito Lyceum” school will open its doors on the 1st of September

Operating in spacious and modern premises in the very center of Vilnius, “Erudito Lyceum” starts the academic year this year by opening the new building. The 6-story “Erudito Lyceum” building was opened next to the first school building. More than 600 children will study at the school from September 1.

A new building is more than 2.5 thousand square meters. sq. m. It has 22 classrooms, a community event space, a STEAM lab, and a planned modern dining area. Both the interior and the exterior of the premises have been updated – the facade is decorated with a modern graphite color.

The project’s financing, structure and implementation issues were handled by the family office specialists and project managers “Taurus Wealth”, who last year also managed the construction works of the 1st stage of “Erudito Lyceum” school in the Old Town of Vilnius.

“We are happy to have successfully implemented another project, the second stage of the “Erudito Lyceum” School together with the team and partners. It is good that both during the first phase and during the second phase, there was a lot of interest from investors in contributing to this project. This once again showed that in today’s environment, investors are looking for socially responsible investments that contribute to the creation of public welfare. Thanks to the team and partners, working consistently and adhering to strict deadlines, the project was successfully managed both financially and in terms of time.” – says Karolis Ražukas, head of investment projects at “Taurus Wealth”.

The founder and head of “Erudito Lyceum” , Assoc. Dr. Nerijus Pačėsa says that when expanding the school, not only the architectural decisions of the school premises were important, but also changes in the modern education system itself.

“The new building will organically fit into the general infrastructure of the school, where the most important attention is given to students and teachers. The educational philosophy of “Erudito Lyceum” is based on active, project-based learning in order to create opportunities for the application of knowledge. It is important to us that both classrooms and common spaces are adapted for team activities, are easily transformed and equipped with modern equipment that provides various activity opportunities and creates easy access to a wide range of digital content. In the new building, there will be additional design and technology and event spaces in addition to the existing specialized science and arts laboratories. The multifunctionality, modernity and transparency of the spaces create an integral and organic learning environment in which teachers and students feel great” – notes Assoc. Dr. N. Pacesa.

In total, almost a thousand children will be able to attend the school. Reconstruction for more than 4 million sustainable urban development and construction company “YIT Lietuva” undertook a EUR.

During the reconstruction of the building, the previous vision of the layout of the spaces was maintained. Architect Gintautas Natkevičius and his team were entrusted with the architectural decisions of the project. Small, compact, easily transformable and universally adaptable classrooms and rest, common use areas are planned. The new school building is harmoniously adapted to the existing environment, focusing on the flexibility, versatility, ergonomics and sustainability of the premises. Yes, the school created will inspire the community for development, talent cultivation, growth, knowledge and ensuring modern education.

“We focused our attention on creating a modern environment that meets educational needs. The school’s first building, which opened its doors last year, has become an excellent example of how an advanced private educational institution can replicate the model of modern office or business community spaces. Therefore, today we are happy that we are opening another additional space for the young generation, who will realize all their potential in such an inspiring environment”, says Kęstutis Vanagas, head of YIT Lietuva.

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